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parallel-ssh is a non-blocking parallel SSH client library.

It uses non-blocking asynchronous SSH sessions and is to date the only publicly available non-blocking SSH client library, as well as the only non-blocking parallel SSH client library available for Python.

In a nutshell

Client will attempt to use all available keys under ~/.ssh as well as any keys in an SSH agent, if one is available.

from __future__ import print_function

from pssh.clients import ParallelSSHClient

client = ParallelSSHClient(['localhost'])
output = client.run_command('whoami')
for line in output['localhost'].stdout:
<your username here>


There is also a now deprecated paramiko based client available under pssh.clients.miko that has much the same API. It supports some features not currently supported by the native client - see feature comparison.

From version 2.x.x onwards, the clients under pssh.clients.miko will be an optional extras install.

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