Clients Feature ComparisonΒΆ

For the ssh2-python (libssh2) based clients, not all features supported by the paramiko based clients are currently supported by the underlying library or implemented in parallel-ssh.

Below is a comparison of feature support for the two client types.

Feature paramiko ssh2-python (libssh2)
Agent forwarding Yes Yes (binary wheels or from source builds only)
Proxying/tunnelling Yes Yes
Kerberos (GSS) authentication Yes Not supported
Private key file authentication Yes Yes
Private key from memory Yes Not yet implemented
Agent authentication Yes Yes
Password authentication Yes Yes
SFTP copy to/from hosts Yes Yes
Session timeout setting Yes Yes
Per-channel timeout setting Yes Yes
Programmatic SSH agent Yes Not supported
OpenSSH config parsing Yes Not yet implemented
ECSA keys support Yes Yes
SCP functionality Not supported Yes

If any of missing features are required for a use case, then the paramiko based clients should be used instead.

In all other cases the ssh2-python based clients offer significantly greater performance at less overhead and are preferred.