Exceptions raised by parallel-ssh classes.

exception pssh.exceptions.AuthenticationException

Raised on authentication error (user/password/ssh key error)

exception pssh.exceptions.ConnectionErrorException

Raised on error connecting (connection refused/timed out)

exception pssh.exceptions.HostArgumentException

Raised on errors with per-host arguments to parallel functions

exception pssh.exceptions.ProxyError

Raised on proxy errors

exception pssh.exceptions.SFTPError

Raised on SFTP errors

exception pssh.exceptions.SFTPIOError

Raised on SFTP IO errors

exception pssh.exceptions.SSHException

Raised on SSHException error - error authenticating with SSH server

exception pssh.exceptions.SessionError

Raised on errors establishing SSH session

exception pssh.exceptions.Timeout

Raised on timeout requested and reached

exception pssh.exceptions.UnknownHostException

Raised when a host is unknown (dns failure)