Clients Feature ComparisonΒΆ

The two available client types, default native clients based on ssh2-python (libssh2) and clients under pssh.clients.ssh based on ssh-python (libssh) support different authentication mechanisms and features.

Below is a comparison of feature support for the two client types.

Feature ssh2-python (libssh2) ssh-python (libssh)
Agent forwarding No Not yet implemented
Proxying/tunneling Yes No
Kerberos (GSS) authentication Not supported Yes
Private key file authentication Yes Yes
Agent authentication Yes Yes
Password authentication Yes Yes
OpenSSH config parsing Not yet implemented Not yet implemented
ECDSA keys support Yes Yes
ED25519 keys support Yes Yes
Certificate authentication Not supported Yes
SFTP copy to/from hosts Yes No
SCP functionality Yes No
Keep-alive functionality Yes No

The default client offers the most features, but lacks certain authentication mechanisms like GSS-API and certificate authentication. Both client types are based on C libraries and offer similar levels of performance.

Users that need the authentication mechanisms not supported by the default client can from pssh.clients.ssh import ParallelSSHClient, SSHClient instead of the default clients.