Installation is handled by Python’s standard setuptools library and pip.

Pip Install

pip may need to be updated to be able to install binary wheel packages.

pip install -U pip

pip install parallel-ssh

If pip is not available on your Python platform, see this installation guide.


When installing from source, dependencies must be satisfied by pip install -r requirements.txt. For pre-built binary wheel packages with dependencies included, see Pip Install.

From 2.0.0 onwards, paramiko will become an _optional_ extra, with libssh2, and for a limited set of functionality, libssh native library based clients via ssh2-python and ssh-python bindings respectively replacing it.

Dependency Minimum Version
ssh2-python 0.16.0
gevent 1.1
paramiko 1.15.3

Building from Source

parallel-ssh is hosted on GitHub and the repository can be cloned with the following

git clone
cd parallel-ssh

To install from source run:

python install

Or with pip’s development mode which will ensure local changes are made available:

pip install -e .

Building System Packages

For convenience, a script making use of Docker is provided at ci/docker/ that will build system packages for Centos/RedHat 6/7, Ubuntu 14.04/16.04, Debian 7/8 and Fedora 22/23/24.

Note that these packages make use of system libraries that may need to be updated to be compatible with parallel-ssh - see Dependencies.

git clone
cd parallel-ssh
# Checkout a tag for tagged builds - git tag; git checkout <tag>
ls -1tr

Specific System Package Build

To build for only a specific system/distribution, run the two following commands, substituting distribution with the desired one from ci/docker. See existing Dockerfiles for examples on how to create system packages for other distributions.

Debian based

docker build --cache-from parallelssh/parallel-ssh-pkgs:debian7 ci/docker/debian7 -t debian7
docker run -v "$(pwd):/src/" debian7 --iteration debian7 -s python -t deb

RPM based

docker build --cache-from parallelssh/parallel-ssh-pkgs:centos7 ci/docker/centos7 -t centos7
docker run -v "$(pwd):/src/" centos7 --rpm-dist el7 -s python -t rpm

See fpm for making system packages of various types.

Deprecated Python Versions

1.1.x and above releases are not compatible with Python 2.6.

If you are running a deprecated Python version such as 2.6 you may need to install an older version of parallel-ssh that is compatible with that Python platform.

For example, to install the 1.0.0 version, run the following.

pip install parallel-ssh==1.0.0

1.0.0 is compatible with all Python versions over or equal to 2.6, including all of the 3.x series.

Older versions such as 0.70.x are compatible with Python 2.5 and 2.x but not the 3.x series.