Exceptions raised by parallel-ssh classes.

exception pssh.exceptions.AuthenticationError

Raised on authentication error (user/password/ssh key error)


alias of pssh.exceptions.AuthenticationError

exception pssh.exceptions.HostArgumentError

Raised on errors with per-host arguments to parallel functions


alias of pssh.exceptions.HostArgumentError

exception pssh.exceptions.HostConfigError

Raised on invalid host configuration

exception pssh.exceptions.NoIPv6AddressFoundError

Raised when an IPV6 only address was requested but none are available for a host.

This exception is raised instead of UnknownHostError in the case where only IPV4 addresses are available via DNS for a host, or an IPV4 address was provided but IPV6 only was requested.

exception pssh.exceptions.PKeyFileError

Raised on errors finding private key file

exception pssh.exceptions.ProxyError

Raised on proxy errors

exception pssh.exceptions.SCPError

Raised on errors copying file via SCP

exception pssh.exceptions.SFTPError

Raised on SFTP errors

exception pssh.exceptions.SFTPIOError

Raised on SFTP IO errors

exception pssh.exceptions.SSHError

Raised on error authenticating with SSH server


alias of pssh.exceptions.SSHError

exception pssh.exceptions.SessionError

Raised on errors establishing SSH session

exception pssh.exceptions.ShellError

Raised on errors running command on interactive shell

exception pssh.exceptions.Timeout

Raised on timeout requested and reached

exception pssh.exceptions.UnknownHostError

Raised when a host is unknown (dns failure)


alias of pssh.exceptions.UnknownHostError