Native Tunnel

class pssh.clients.native.tunnel.Tunnel(host, in_q, out_q, user=None, password=None, port=None, pkey=None, num_retries=3, retry_delay=5, allow_agent=True, timeout=None, channel_retries=5)

SSH proxy implementation with direct TCP/IP tunnels.

Each tunnel object runs in its own thread and can open any number of direct tunnels to remote host:port destinations on local ports over the same SSH connection.

To use, append (host, port) tuples into Tunnel.in_q and read listen port for tunnel connection from Tunnel.out_q.

Tunnel.tunnel_open is a thread event that will be set once tunnel is ready.

  • host (str) – Remote SSH host to open tunnels with.
  • in_q (collections.deque) – Deque for requesting new tunnel to given ((host, port))
  • out_q (collections.deque) – Deque for feeding back tunnel listening ports.
  • user (str) – (Optional) User to login as. Defaults to logged in user
  • password (str) – (Optional) Password to use for login. Defaults to no password
  • port (int) – (Optional) Port number to use for SSH connection. Defaults to None which uses SSH default (22)
  • pkey (str) – Private key file path to use. Note that the public key file pair must also exist in the same location with name <pkey>.pub
  • num_retries (int) – (Optional) Number of connection and authentication attempts before the client gives up. Defaults to 3.
  • retry_delay (int) – Number of seconds to wait between retries. Defaults to pssh.constants.RETRY_DELAY
  • timeout (int) – SSH session timeout setting in seconds. This controls timeout setting of authenticated SSH sessions.
  • allow_agent (bool) – (Optional) set to False to disable connecting to the system’s SSH agent.

Thread run target. Starts tunnel client and waits for incoming tunnel connection requests from Tunnel.in_q.